How to Factory Reset HP Laptop USA

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop USA 

Factory reset or FRS HP laptop reset is frequently asked for IT people or new owners of old laptops. It is also needed by many laptop users who have reset their laptop multiple times. However, before attempting this operation, it is important to know How to Factory Reset HP Laptop USA 2021.

After it has powered up for the first time, it will boot into the Windows OS when you turn on your computer. From there, you will notice that there are two things –

The startup configuration items (usually stored in the Systems Configuration Utility or MCT) and the System Restore point. If either one of these items is missing, the computer will restart. The item is usually found near the battery or on the start menu somewhere. To access the system restore point, click Start, then Run, then type “msconfig” in the field.

To access the System Restore point, click on the small globe icon towards the left of the screen. The section will be listed. In the Service Status column, double-click the Recovery tab.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Windows 10

The recovery manager and click next to the flashing request. If you do not have one, go to the start menu and type “flash drive recovery manager”, you will find it on the list of items.

Once you have found it, click next to the flashing request and get it completed. To do this, go to the start menu again and type “storage and data”, and the recovery manager should appear on the list.

Once the software is downloaded, go ahead and follow the onscreen instructions to put the software on the recovery USB stick and then put the stick into the laptop’s USB port.

Once this is complete, you should see a series of messages on your screen that will tell you that the process has been completed successfully. At this time, you should restart your computer and follow the same steps as you did in the third paragraph of the previous article in this series, which starts on how to factory reset a hp laptop.

Step 1: On your keyboard, press Windows Key+S.

Step 2: Kind “reset this PC” (no quotes), then press Enter.

Step 3: Go to the right pane, then choose to Get Started.

Step 4: You possibly can select to keep your files or take away all the things.

Step 5: Click on Keep My Files if you want to retain your private information, apps, and customizations.

Step 6: Click on Subsequent, then choose Reset. Your operating system will be reinstalled, and your laptop will restart.

Step 7: You can choose to Take away everything if you choose to get rid of all of your private files, apps, and customization settings.

Step 8: ​You possibly can opt to remove all of the information from all of your drives or simply the drive the place Windows is put in.

Step 9: You could have the choice to take away your files or to delete them whereas cleansing the drive.

Step 10: When you click on Reset, the method will start. It might take some time for it to finish.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Windows 8

If you are having problems with your HP laptop and need to troubleshoot it or repair some issues, how to factory reset hp stream 14 laptop tutorial is just for you. When you factory reset the HP laptop, the first thing that may occur is that your operating system may come back to you, but this is normal. After your laptop has been unplugged and rebooted, it will usually start working again.

The first step to this how to factory reset hp laptop from startup is to boot your computer in safe mode so that you can make any necessary changes or updates without causing any more damage. To do this, you need to click on the “Settings” icon on the desktop and select the operating system that is currently installed on your computer.

It will allow you to go into system settings and get into Safe Mode Windows, which will enable you to make changes or do whatever you need to without having to boot your operating system directly into Windows. From here, you should access the commands that will get your computer into Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, you can then make any updates or changes to your computer that you need to.

After your computer is back up and running like new, you should then go ahead and use the steps above again to get your computer into the Windows registry so that you can then perform the actions required for how to factory reset HP laptops. The steps involved in this how to factory reset HP laptops are quite simple, and it does not take long to get your system working as well as new again.

If you have an existing password, you should type it in and hit “enter” to bring up the valuable data associated with it. You should then type the new password that you just created and hit “return.” The last step of how to factory reset HP laptops tutorial is to hit the “Exit” option from the main menu on your computer and then follow any prompts that appear on the screen.

Step 1: Move your mouse to the right side and click on SettingsChange PC Settings.

Step 2: In the left sidebar, click on the Basic tab. Click Get Started under the Takeaway Everything and reinstall Windows.

Step 3: Click on Next and select Full Clear the drive.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Windows 7

Are you wondering how to factory reset HP notebook computers? We can tell you how to factory reset a hp notebook computer with ease. First, we must inform you how to factory reset a hp laptop computer (windup) most effectively and reliably. Many people often ask how to factory reset a hp notebook computer.

Once you have power cycled your notebook’s power cord, remove the battery so that it does not get “plugged in” while removing the battery from the motherboard. Also, when removing the battery, if you notice there is a wire underneath it, wrap this wire with a paper towel or something similar to prevent damage to the internal plastic parts of your laptop. There is a cable on the motherboard, which you will need to disconnect to start your computer.

If you wonder how to factory reset hp laptops without password ​computers with Windows 7, this is the second option you need to choose from. The default is” Legacy”, but to use the new default boot setup for your Windows 7 operating system, you will need to change the boot option to “Windows Setup”.

When you have rebooted, you may need to hit “Control” to get menu items on your screen to appear. Some programs like antivirus or other security software may require you to hit the keys on the keyboard to bring up certain options on your menu.

Step 1: Find C:\Windows\System32\sysprep and double-click on the Sysprep.exe file to run it.

Step 2: Under the System Cleanup Action, examine the box front. Generalize. Tap on OK to start resetting the HP laptop to the factory.


In this article, we will talk about how to factory reset a hp laptop, a process that can be done either by a trained technician or by a non-technical user. Although a technical person might think it is impossible to factory reset a laptop, it is very simple. The procedure consists of three steps. The first step is to remove all installed software and hardware from the computer’s hard drive.

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